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Eye Health Care

Psychology of Eye Health

In all my clinics and all my talks, I reiterate to my team or audience one thing: we are all human beings. I do not believe in hierarchy, arrogance or poor attitude: this is both within the team and also in our interactions with patients. We all go through difficulties Read More…

How to use Drops?

Drop Applications Unsurprisingly, one of the most important reasons for poor response to topical therapy is simply the drop not getting into the eye. This is not due to lack of motivation as I find all patients intelligent and displaying insight into their ocular health. Rather, it’s actually the technique Read More…

Pre & Post Operative Care

Pre & Post Laser Performed in clinic It is firstly important to appreciate that laser is NOT surgery. It is not invasive and we are not cutting ‘into’ the eye. Rather, it is energy focused on the relevant area being treated. Hence the risks of infection are not applicable in Read More…