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How to prevent falls in glaucoma patients - Gurjeet jutley

How to prevent falls in glaucoma patients?

The aim throughout should be to reduce the risk of the patient falling while ensuring that they are still able to lead as full and independent a life as possible. In this article, Gurjeet Jutley looks at some of the key fall risks for people with sight loss caused by glaucoma. Read More…

Gurjeet Jutley discusses the fears of glaucoma treatment.

How to cope with your fears of glaucoma treatment

Gurjeet Jutley discusses the fears of glaucoma treatment – Glaucoma is a highly emotive condition, and we see in patients that it provokes all kinds of different reactions. Read More…

Tube surgery: pre and post operation

Pre-operative consideration The tube surgery will certainly require a general anaesthetic, for the following reasons: Muscles exist that insert onto the surface of the eye which aid us looking up, down, left and right The tube plate is implanted on the surface of the eye (directly on the sclera) at Read More…

Gurjeet jutley - foods really keep your eyes healthy

Diet and Eye Health

Diet potentially can have an impact on eye health and careful considerations are always useful. Maintaining a healthy diet, will have considerable benefits for the body in general and indeed the eyes. Of course, the benefits of eating healthily are best observed when good habits are adopted earlier in life: Read More…

Considerations to weigh up in contact lenses use

As human beings, we are entitled to options and choices. In healthcare, professionals have a duty to help patients with considerations of the pros & cons of treatments. The objective is to help derive the correct choice for the individual. The benefits of spectacles No risk of infection No need Read More…


Pets and allergies

Allergic eye disease can be a chronic condition with symptoms including itchiness, redness and watering. Allergic eye disease is usually due to an allergan and the term encompasses various different diseases. Symptoms you might experience Pets carry allergens including dander, pollen, saliva and urine, all of which can irritate our Read More…

Contact lenses and cataract surgery

Contact lenses are best avoided following various ocular surgeries, particularly conjunctival surgeries. However, certain sceanrios may arise that after cataract surgery either lenses are required or desired.

How to use eye drops, Gurjeet Jutley

Drop Applications: ease of use

Drop Applications: ease of use Unsurprisingly, one of the most important reasons for poor response to topical therapy is simply the drop not getting into the eye. This is not due to lack of motivation, rather it is actually the ability to instil the drops into the eye which is Read More…