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Gurjeet Jutley

Gurjeet jutley - foods really keep your eyes healthy

Can certain foods really keep your eyes healthy?

Your diet can have a bigger impact on your eyesight and eye health than you might think. By maintaining a healthy diet, you could reduce your chances of experiencing poor-quality eye health later in life. Eating the right foods now can help you avoid or slow down conditions including cataracts, Read More…

Spectacles vs Contact lenses - Gurjeet Jutley

Spectacles vs Contact lenses – how do you choose what’s right for you?

Spectacles vs Contact lenses – how do you choose what’s right for you? There are many factors that can determine whether spectacles or contact lenses are the right option for you. It’s important to move away from the idea that one is actually better than the other – what’s right Read More…


Had a new puppy or kitten? A guide to pet allergies and your eyes

Many people will have received pets as presents this Christmas and will be looking forward to getting to know their new furry friends over the coming weeks. However, pet allergies can have a big impact on our eyes. In this blog, Gurjeet Singh Jutley explores what you can do if Read More…

The impact of smartphones and tablets on our eyes

Mobile devices play a central role in people’s lives today, but did you know they can have a worrying impact on our eyesight? In this blog, Dr Gurjeet Singh Jutley advises on how to protect your eyes If you are purchasing new mobile tech for Christmas. Are you suffering from Read More…

aging eye

How ageing affects your eyes

How ageing affects your eyes Ageing affects every part of your body, so it’s no surprise if you’re experiencing changes in your eyes as you get older. Whilst adjusting to some of these changes is no more difficult than fine-tuning your spectacle prescription, others can seriously affect your health of Read More…