Allergic eye disease can be a chronic condition with symptoms including itchiness, redness and watering. Allergic eye disease is usually due to an allergan and the term encompasses various different diseases.

Symptoms you might experience

Pets carry allergens including dander, pollen, saliva and urine, all of which can irritate our eyes. This potential immune reaction can manifest with symptoms of:

  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Painful eyes

The symptoms are generally bilateral.

Pets and dander

‘Dead skin cells’ are liberated and induce a IgE immune response in various organs, including the eyes. This problem is particularly worsened once an animal ages.

Saliva and urine

The proteins in pet saliva and ammonia in urine can also cause irritation once airborne. The allergens can become airborne when your pet releases saliva.

Sensible approaches to adopt include:

  • Limitation of exposure:
    • Including avoiding pets in the confinement of the bedroom
  • Using an air cleaner
  • Minimising touching the face after handling pets

This blog is contributed by Gurjeet Jutley.